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Answering Your Questions: FAQs #1

We have been asked a lot of questions over the years with regards to kitchens and our services, as buying a new kitchen is a big decision… so there is a lot of thought behind it. Here are some common questions we have been frequently asked, hopefully these will assist you in your enquiry.

If you can’t find the answer you need, please use the Gordon’s Makeovers kitchen showroom locations page to find your nearest branch and talk to our staff, where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have…

Q: Does it matter how old my kitchen is?

A: No. Gordon’s Makeovers provides a made-to-measure kitchen door service so age is of no importance providing the kitchen carcasses are sound, regardless of whether they are imperial or metric.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Normally the changing of doors and drawer fronts for a makeover is completed in just one day. If worktops, sinks and appliances are also to be installed then this will probably be completed in two to three days. There is no need to be waiting weeks for your kitchen to be completed. Obviously if you are having a large/full kitchen makeover then this will take longer, as usually plastering is involved, so has to dry (along with other work).

Q: Do you offer a guarantee on the work or the doors?

A: Of course, Gordon’s Makeovers offers a full guarantee of all products and fitting services given. Our Doors carry a 5 year-guarantee. All appliances carry a one year manufacturer’s parts guarantee. Call your local showroom for more information.

Q: How much does a kitchen makeover cost?

A: It is very difficult for us to give you an exact quote over the phone, as it all depends on the current state of your kitchen, the amount of doors, if you require anything else etc. The best way is to allow us to come into your home with our Free No Obligation Quotation appointment, as then we can measure up and give you an accurate quote there and then.

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If you want a makeover like this one, or maybe you want something completely different, it’s easy to contact us on a variety of social medias. The easiest way to do it is to go to our website (www.gordonsmakeovers.co.uk) and take it from there!

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