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Bedroom Sliding Doors now Available!

Yes you heard it first here folks, Gordon’s Makeovers are introducing a new range of Bedroom Sliding Doors. With a fantastic choice of styles and colours available you will surely be spoilt for choice!

What are the benefits of sliding doors we hear you say? Well, if space is an issue in your bedroom, or rather a lack of it, then it is better to put up sliding doors to minimise the use of your already limited space. Non-sliding door panels when opened wide or ajar need clearance, thus, more space could be occupied, alternatively sliding doors are fixed on the same line & space. Sliding doors, especially when transparent glass materials or mirrors are used, adds beauty to use for room partitions between the living room and dining room. Wooden door panels can be used on entrance & exit doorways.

Are they just for bedrooms we hear you ask? Well sliding interior doors have become very popular for use throughout the house, home and office. Whether as sliding doors between rooms instead of traditional door knob opening doors, as room dividers in an office space, or as wardrobe sliding doors in the bedroom, people are now seeing both the design benefits and practical benefits – from an interior design and a space saving viewpoint – of using these doors in both their offices and their homes.

Whatever your needs or requirements, we have many different designs of sliding doors all available now, all made to measure and in a vast array of colours. So why not call in to one of our showrooms, based in Bolton, Manchester and now, Bury Market to take a look? Or let us come to you and call us now on 01942 814800 or 0161 8657001 to book you FREE home quotation. We cover all of the North West and beyond, so if you would like to see our Sliding Door samples in the comfort of your own home, call us now!