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BRAND NEW Pictures of our Bury Market Stall!

Pow! Bam! Whack! The Kitchen Makeovers Superheroes are here!

Gordon’s Makeovers would like to publish very latest pictures of our Bury Market Stall! Yes, that’s right: you heard me! It’s a stall! In a market! Located in Bury! It’s true!

Look at that! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?!

No! It’s the Gordon’s Makeovers logo! And what’s that? That other logo to the right?
gordons4furniture bury market sign


Yes! It’s Gordon’s Makeovers recent sister company Gordon’s 4 Furniture (www.gordons4furniture.co.uk), who sell quality furniture – who wouldn’t want to buy the fabulous products they sell?!

And what’s that I hear? Cheering?! Screams of joy?! It’s a television display with a Gordon’s Makeovers advertisement on!

And what’s that! The two business stalls merge together so well… It’s almost as if… THERE’S NO WALL BETWEEN THEM!

Look at that aesthetic! Look at the fabulous offers that both Gordon’s Makeovers and sister company Gordon’s 4 Furniture have to offer!

Why, if I were living in the Bury area, I’d get down there as soon as possible! It’s a marvel! A must-see! You can’t live without it! It’s… THE GORDON’S MAKEOVERS BURY MARKET STALL!

If you’re still unsure, you can see our full testimonial page at www.gordonsmakeovers.co.uk/testimonials/

OFFER STILL ON: Get 20%* off of all door and drawer fronts, for a limited time only. Get It, Or Regret It! ENDS January 31st

Interested in contacting us in regards to this offer? Have a question you would like us to answer? You can visit one of our showrooms in Bolton or at the Bury Market, or alternatively phone or email one of our offices. More information on contacting us at www.gordonsmakeovers.co.uk/contact-us/

*This offer applies to door and drawer fronts only, and does not include worktops, appliances, or any other materials or fitting.