Gordons Kitchen Makeovers
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Bolton,Bury & Manchester Kitchen Makeovers for every budget!

Yes you heard right folks! Kitchen Makeovers in Bolton, Bury & Manchester to suit EVERY budget!

Due to the success of our FANTASTIC Up to 40% off SALE on Kitchen & Bedroom cupboard  doors we have decided to extend it a further 2 weeks, yes a further 2 weeks, for all of our lucky customers! So don’t worry, you haven’t missed out on our best SALE of the year, you still have time to call us on 01942 814800 or 0161 8657001 NOW to book your FREE, NO OBLIGATION HOME QUOTATION. With our top of the range doors such as Acrylic, Hi-Gloss and Shaker at bottom of the range prices, the question is can you afford not to get a quote?

Let’s talk about Kitchen Makeovers & their potential!

Kitchen Makeovers don’t have to be Messy!

When your kitchen starts to lose its niceness, the temptation can be to try and paint over the battle scars to try and restore it to something like its former glory. However, unless you really know what you’re doing and have the right equipment and the right paint, you can end up with something looking far worse than before you started. DIY Kitchen Makeovers, like painting over stains and scratches on your kitchen cabinet doors might give you a temporary fix, but it won’t be long before the cracks start to show and you end up back at square one.

Hiding the damage

The problem with painting kitchen cabinet doors is that you really have to know what you’re working with. Professional kitchen door makers use specialist equipment and paints to ensure an even and durable finish, with no signs of streaking or drips. In addition, simply painting over scratches and dents won’t hide them. If you’re trying to hide stains, you also need to invest in high-quality primers to ensure that the stains don’t bleed through the paint, making the doors look worse than before.

Painting my doors would be cheaper than replacing them, wouldn’t it?

Painting your kitchen doors might appear to be a simple job, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. For example, if you’re working with MDF, you need to take into account just how porous the material is. MDF soaks up paint like a sponge and will require treating before you even think about whipping out your paintbrush. On top of that, there will be sanding and possible wood-filling to work into the equation. While in their constituent parts these might not seem like a huge expense, put them together and you could slowly rack up a bill that outweighs the point of doing it in the first place.

Keep it Simple: Work with what you’ve got

A simpler and much less messy approach is to replace your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Not only does this allow you to choose the materials and finish you want, but it also ensures that your doors fit properly. Over time, with temperature changes and water spillages, you may find that your units have changed slightly. Doors that once hung true are now awkward to open and close or simply won’t close at all. Here at Gordon’s Makeovers, a kitchen makeover company, we can make doors made-to-measure, to your specific requirements, saving you the cost of having to rip out the whole kitchen and start again. Need a dishwasher or fridge freezer integrating? No problem! We can even source the appliances for you!

Take control of your kitchen – Don’t let it control you!

With a kitchen makeover, perhaps the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to simply improve the way your kitchen looks; you can change it altogether. While your cabinets might be perfectly functional, you might find that they are out of date and unfashionable! However, rather than having to think about changing the entire kitchen, you can simply give it a kitchen makeover by changing the existing doors, worktops etc…. With finishes and materials ranging from solid wood and stainless steel to veneers and coloured finishes, you can make your kitchen as characterful and as stylish as you want to.

DIY might seem like a good option but, in some cases, it can be much more economical to hand the job over to people who really know the nuts and bolts (and hinges!) of their trade. Don’t be a Del-Boy, do your kitchen proud and bring in the professionals! Here at Gordon’s Makeovers we guarantee that we can help, after all we know our stuff with over 20 years experience in the kitchen refurbishment trade. Once part of the well-known franchise Cupboard Love, we decided to go independent almost 3 years ago, changing our name, changing some of our ranges, even changing our prices so that we’re offering better value, more competitive prices! However, we’ve never changed the top quality before and after sales service we have always and continue to provide, nor the excellent fitting service we offer. Our customers just keep on coming back and recommending us to their family, friends and work colleagues! We must be doing something right!!

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