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Update your Kitchen- Refurbish, Makeover or Fully-Fitted?

Update your Kitchen! Refurbish, Makeover or Fully-Fitted?

Regardless of whether your tastes lie in the rustic materials of shabby chic or something sleeker and more contemporary, the fact is that eventually your kitchen will start to show signs of wear and tear. Your kitchen is the busiest space in your home; the room where people gather to eat, where meals are cooked and where friends and family gather to talk. As a result, there will be drips, spills, stains and bashes – which can all conspire together to make your kitchen look tired and downright shabby.

However, before you start thinking that you need to rip the whole thing out and start again, there is a cost-effective alternative that can have your kitchen looking better than ever – and in only 1-2 days!

Hiding the Battle Scars

Refitting an entire kitchen from the ground up simply isn’t an option that most of us can entertain. Alongside the cost, there’s the mess and inconvenience to factor in. Whether you’re a busy professional or are enjoying your retirement, having a full kitchen refit can impact significantly on your life. More people are waking up to the idea that the better solution is to re-vamp the areas of your kitchen that take up the most surface area and show up the battle scars of cooking and parties: your kitchen cupboard doors, drawers and worktops.

Changing tastes…Dark or Light? Matt or Gloss?

Whilst you might be the most thorough cleaner you know and have kept your kitchen in tip-top condition, tastes and fashions change. Your kitchen might have been in vogue a few years ago, but a quick flick through any home furnishing magazine may tell you that what you have is now out of date. Again, using a kitchen cupboard door replacement company can update your kitchen, making it look like you’ve had a new one installed – but without the expense and inconvenience.

A kitchen makeover – Half the Cost, Half the Mess, less Hassle & Less Stress!

Refurbishing with replacement doors allows you to update your kitchen’s look to the style it deserves. Doors, drawers and worktops are made in a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, solid wood, veneers and painted finishes. In many cases, you can replace all of your existing ones in less than a day, saving you the trial by fire of having to be without a cooker for a number of days. You can also choose the style and colours you want and really give the hub of your home that much-needed makeover.

Made to measure, tailored to fit YOUR Needs

You might also find that your kitchen has one or two of those quirky little spaces that aren’t hidden away. Usually this is because you’ve inherited a kitchen that might have extra units retro-fitted, or you may have had to adapt standard kitchen units to fit in your non-standard kitchen space. Often, this can either lead to open cupboards or doors that won’t hang straight.

Using a kitchen cupboard door replacement company means that you can have doors made specifically for these spaces, allowing you to hide away your knick-knacks behind stylish and durable doors. Taking control of how your kitchen looks can be just as impactive as having a total refit – but without the strain on your wallet and your home-life.

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